Not All Hospital Wards Are Equal

A recently published study by the Center for Justice and Democracy has found that there are certain hospital departments that are more dangerous than others. While one may accurately surmise these to be the intensive care unit and the emergency room, this study provides the data to support those assumptions.
In their study, the Center cites a 2012 Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine study that found that “as many as 40,500 critically ill patients in the United States may die annually when clinicians fail to diagnose hidden life-threatening conditions such as heart attack and stroke.” The study’s author found the data both “alarming and surprising.
The emergency room is also a dangerous place for unsuspecting patients. The study found that the emergency room has the highest (52.6) percentage of negligent adverse events in the hospital setting.
These are preventable errors that cost people their lives. These are important facts to consider when there is talk of the need for medical malpractice reform. Reform is necessary but the reform should focus on the problem-malpractice and not those who are injured by it.