NY Politician and His Son Indicted on Pay-to-Play Charges with Medical Malpractice Insurer

If the allegations are proven true, they may lead to severe penalties for a prominent New York politician and his son. Authorities allege that The insurer “provided Adam Skelos with a no-show job while actively lobbying Dean Skelos on legislative matters,” the indictments reads.

The NY Daily Post wrote, State Senator “Dean Skelos’ ne’er-do-well son was paid over $100,000 by a medical malpractice insurer seeking to curry favor with the powerful pol, federal prosecutors charged Thursday. The allegation was included in a new indictment against the father-son duo.The indictment did not specify the firm, and said the money came in the form of payments and health benefits.”

If true, the allegations demonstrate the power of the insurance lobby and the uphill battle consumers of healthcare face in seeking quality care and justice when that quality is sub-standard.