Oncologist Accused of Giving Chemotherapy to Patients Who Didn’t Have Cancer

In what investigators claim is a $35 million fraud, Dr. Farid Fata has been accused of bilking Medicare for cancer treatments for patients who didn’t have cancer. In some instances, the alleged fraud included administering chemotherapy to end-of-life patients who wouldn’t benefit from the treatment. “If he did commit these crimes, then I think the word ‘monster’ is a very good description for him,” said Jeff Berz, who fears his father, Milton, suffered under Fata’s care, prescribed chemotherapy for leukemia. Even as his father’s health got worse, Berz said, Fata wouldn’t stop chemo, and went to great lengths to administer it. “My dad would often arrive at Dr. Fata’s office, where there was a parking garage, and one of the staff would come out and actually administer the therapy session in my father’s car while he’s sitting out in the parking garage,” Berz said. Dr. Fata remains in jail on $9 million bond. The allegations against Fata reflect a growing trend of healthcare fraud that has industry experts concerned.