Patient Sues Dentist for Malpractice

Jeffrey Greenberg has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against Clifford Davis DDS and Daughters of Charity Foundation of New Orleans LLC in the Orleans Parish Civil District Court for medical negligence, performing an unwarranted procedure, using an improper technique, failing to consult with or refer petitioner to an oral surgeon, and negligent, improper use of tools.
In November 2012, Greenberg went to Dr. Davis complaining of a painful tooth. The lawsuit alleges that “after several visits to Davis he was informed there was probably a cavity under the tooth in question’s crown, and the best course of action would be to remove the crown, fill the tooth, and replace the crown. During the procedure, Greenberg claims Davis cracked his tooth, but said the tooth was already cracked and would have to be extracted. Within days of procedure, Greenberg alleges he continued to feel pain in and around extraction site and in and along his jaw. He returned to DCF and saw Jay C. Dumas who informed Greenberg that the tooth had most likely fractured during Davis’s procedure. According to the suit, he sought treatment at LSU Oral Surgery Clinic on April 3, 2013, where he was diagnosed with a shredded meniscus, which will require either a complete temporal mandibular joint replacement or the fashioning of a new meniscus via skin graft. Additionally, the residue from extracted tooth has migrated into one of Greenberg’s sinus cavities, which will require surgery.”