Patients’ Right to Know Act Becomes Law in Illinois

This week, Illinois residents will be able to check their doctor’s background. The law, which takes effect this week, will give Illinois consumers the ability to check a doctor’s criminal history, if the doctor has been fired, and if any medical malpractice claims have been filed in the last five years.
The bill has been fought by the physicians lobby for years. However, a Chicago Tribune investigative report found that state regulators had allowed doctors to continue practicing medicine even after some doctors had committed serious medical errors and been convicted of sex crimes. As he signed the bill into law yesterday, Governor Pat Quinn called the bill “the #1 consumer bill.” According to the Tribune, “”I think this is our best bill this year when it comes to empowering consumers, health care consumers,” Quinn said.
The new law will provide consumers the freedom to make informed decisions about their healthcare providers and should be replicated in other states.