Plastic Surgery Malpractice and Poorly Trained Doctors

Dinora Rodriguez consulted a physician to repair leaking breast implants. She found the doctor from a friend who’d referred her. The procedure was supposed to be routine and fairly simple. However, the outcome was anything but what she expected. The surgeon left the woman with a serious case of symmastia, a condition in which the breast implant pockets are connected together. This caused severe pain as well as disfigurement. It was only after the botched plastic surgery that the woman learned the surgeon wasn’t board certified. She filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against him.
Unfortunately the Rodriguez incident is not uncommon. According to MSNBC, “Unfortunately, Rodriguez’s case is just one example of the many botched operations plastic surgeons like Youn are seeing these days. That’s why the shocking case is being highlighted in a safety campaign launched this week by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.
“It’s like the Wild West out there,” Dr. Anthony Youn, a board certified plastic surgeon in Troy Michigan says. “There are tons of doctors performing plastic surgery procedures when they have little or no training and little to no skill. There are ob/gyns performing liposuction. An ER doc will take a weekend course on breast implants and perform surgery in [his or her] office. It happens all the time.”