San Jose Business Provides Technology to Reduce and Prevent Medical Errors

The San Jose Business Journal has published a story about a local business that provides software to hospitals and healthcare institutions to help track medical errors and prevent them. Quantros Inc. provides risk management software that allows hospitals to track, gather, and analyze data concerning medical errors. According to the story, the business is growing due to the growing awareness that tracking medical errors and preventing them is an urgent need that not only affects patient safety but a hospital’s financial bottom line.
The Business Journal reports, “Dr. Sanjaya Kumar, head of Quantros Inc., said too often hospitals don’t have the tools they need to find what could cause errors. “It’s like a jumbo jet crashing every day.”
Yet, most hospitals continue to resist technology that would help track medical errors. According to Leah Binder, CEO of The Leapfrog Group, 80% of hospitals don’t have an automated system in place to order drugs.
The ultimate goal in promoting such risk management software is improved patient safety. What may spur hospitals to start using such software is an improved bottom line.