Survey Says Medical Malpractice Cases Take More Time Than Other Lawsuits

At Abramson, Brown & Dugan, we’ve known this for quite some time. A medical malpractice lawsuit takes more time, more money, and more research than other types of lawsuits. Perhaps our knowledge is anecdotal but the Clinical Advisor has published an article that arrives at the same conclusion. We’ve been specializing in medical malpractice for more than thirty years and we’ve handled all types of medical malpractice cases from birth injuries to misdiagnoses and wrong-site surgeries. We’re a firm that understands the legal complexity required to take a malpractice case to trial. We’ve been recognized by the legal community and our clients as the premier medical malpractice law firm in New Hampshire. If you have a question or concern about medical malpractice, contact our Manchester or Keene offices.