Ten Things Hospitals Won’t Tell You

When you’re admitted to a hospital, it’s a scary situation and you want to know what’s happening and what will happen to you. Here’s a list of ten things that hospitals won’t tell you that may affect your health. If they won’t tell you, ask them so you’re informed.

1) Ask questions at the outset, you need to know what’s going on.
2) How much will the procedure cost?
3) Will your insurance cover the procedure and the hospital stay?
4) Is a C-section necessary?
5) Who will perform the surgery? Will it be a doctor or a robot?
6) What are the hospital’s infection rates? Am I safe?
7) Will my primary physician be consulted or involved in this procedure?
8) What are the costs for the prescription medication you’ll give me?
9) Ask questions and don’t be passive, you have a right to know!
10) Have a patient advocate, a loved one with you at all times to help you make decisions.
A hospital stay can be a confusing and a life-changing event, make sure you’re a participant in your healthcare.