Toyota Recall

Facing a recall of approximately 8,000,000 vehicles, Toyota is facing Congressional scrutiny over safety issues involving sticking accelerator pedals in a number of Toyota models and brake defects in its popular Prius hybrid. The recall is sending shock waves in political circles as well. This morning, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood told Toyota owners to stop driving their vehicles and return them to dealerships for repair. This afternoon, Lahood has backed off that statement, saying he didn’t mean what he said.

In spite of the political turmoil and potential economic fallout for the best selling automaker in the US, consumers are left to question the safety of their vehicles. At least one Congressman echoed consumer concerns. Henry Waxman (D-CA) commented, “Like many consumers, I am concerned by the seriousness and scope of Toyota’s recent recall announcements.”
Toyota said it would take months to complete repairs on the recalled vehicles since it would send notices to affected customers in batches of ten thousand to avoid overrunning repair shops. So, it looks like Toyota owners will be dealing with this for quite some time.