Verdicts and Settlements



This was a medical negligence case arising from a bowel perforation suffered by a 53 year old woman during an elective laparoscopic surgical procedure.  The plaintiffs alleged that the defendant surgeon and the defendant gynecologist did not take the necessary steps to be able to visualize the colon before proceeding with the surgery; failed to identify the perforation before completing the surgery; and failed to diagnose and treat the perforation in a timely manner postoperatively.


The plaintiff’s bowel contents were spilled into her abdomen and she suffered a massive infection that nearly took her life.  She spent more than four months in the hospital; most of the time on a ventilator and receiving tube feedings.  That was followed by three weeks in a skilled rehab facility and finally discharge home.  She had a colostomy that remained in place for five more months and her prolonged intubation and tracheostomy led to tracheal stenosis that has remained despite several surgical procedures.

Specials (if any):

Past Medical Expenses:           $1,073,004.41

There were substantial Medicaid and Medicare liens.


Settled after suit during mediation for a confidential amount.

Plaintiff’s Experts (if any): Confidential

Defense Experts (if any): Confidential

Plaintiff’s Counsel (please include name and firm):

Kevin F. Dugan, Esquire

Abramson, Brown & Dugan

1819 Elm Street

Manchester, NH 03104

Defense Counsel (please include name and firm): Anonymous

Insurance Carrier (if relevant): Anonymous

Name of Case/County: Anonymous

Date of Injury: 2009

Date of Verdict or Settlement: 2012