Verdicts and Settlements


John Glennon v. Christopher Dyson


In December 2011, our client, a sixty-one year old retired engineer, suffered serious personal injuries at the intersection of Elm and Hanover Streets in Manchester, New Hampshire, when he was run down by a drunk driver. At the time of the collision, the plaintiff was a pedestrian crossing Elm Street at the eastbound crosswalk in the south side of the intersection, in the direction of a pedestrian light. The defendant, driving while intoxicated, turned from Hanover Street onto Elm Street, headed southbound on Elm Street, and struck the plaintiff as he crossed the street. The defendant fled the scene of the accident, leaving the plaintiff alone, lying in the street, bleeding from his head, with multiple broken bones and a significant bleed in his brain.

The plaintiff was emergently transported to Catholic Medical Center and subsequently transferred to Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center.


The plaintiff suffered multiple pelvic and facial fractures, a subarachnoid bleed and a cerebral contusion. His injuries required an extended inpatient hospitalization and inpatient rehabilitation, as well as outpatient physical therapy and rehabilitation.


The parties settled after filing suit but prior to trial for the available liability policy limits of $100,000.00, as well as an additional $5,000.00 from the defendant’s personal assets. The defendant was woefully underinsured and overextended, without assets for which the plaintiff could obtain a judgment.

Plaintiff=s Experts (if any): Confidential

Defense Experts (if any): Confidential

Plaintiff=s Counsel (please include name and firm):

Holly B. Haines

Abramson, Brown & Dugan

1819 Elm Street

Manchester, NH 03104

Defense Counsel (please include name and firm):

Tracy L. McGraw, Esquire

GetmanSchulthess & Steere, PA

1838 Elm Street

Manchester, NH 03l04

Insurance Carrier (if relevant): Anonymous

Date of Injury: 2011

Date of Verdict or Settlement: 2012