Verdicts & Settlements – Personal Injury – Anonymous – 2009


This is a civil action for damages for the catastrophic personal injuries, the plaintiff, a 42-year old husband, father, grandfather, and business owner, sustained in a motorcycle accident at an intersection in a New Hampshire city. The accident occurred when the employee of a major national corporation, driving a company van, made a right hand turn on a red light directly in front of and without yielding the right of way to the plaintiff, who was driving his motorcycle eastbound through the traffic controlled intersection. The plaintiff had a green light and the right of way. The defendant driver was exiting a shopping plaza parking lot and had a red light. Our client successfully avoided colliding with the company van by braking and swerving out of the way, but lost control of his motorcycle while doing so.  He flew 10-40 feet into the air and landed on his head on the pavement, fracturing his skull, temporal bone and jaw, and resulting in a permanent global traumatic injury to his brain. The plaintiff spent several days in a medically induced coma, has undergone two brain surgeries and had titanium plates placed in his head. He underwent an extended period of inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation.


The plaintiff has lost his capacity for future earnings. He has incurred significant past medical, hospital and therapy expenses. He will incur significant future medical, therapy and other expenses, and his wife has suffered a significant loss of consortium. The plaintiff will require significant support services for the remainder of his life.


Past Medical Expenses: $312,185.60
Costs of Future Medical Needs and Life-Care Plan: $813,187.00
Estimated Lost Future Earning Capacity: $2,753,630.00
Total: $3,566,817.00


The defendant paid the plaintiffs’ demand for a confidential amount after three days of trial.

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Mark A. Abramson
Eva H. Bleich
Holly B. Haines

Abramson, Brown & Dugan
1819 Elm Street
Manchester, NH 03104

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