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This is a medical negligence claim arising out of the defendant=s medical management of a seven-year old child, who presented to the defendant physician for electrophysiology testing, including cardiac ablation and coronary angiography/catheterization. Despite having no success with the procedures, the defendant continued performing them unsuccessfully for nine hours and forty-five minutes without ever monitoring the child’s lower extremities. As a result, the minor developed compartment syndrome in her right lower extremity, requiring multiple fasciotomies, debridements, VAC dressing changes, an extended hospitalization, extended rehabilitation and therapies, and other serious permanent injuries, disfigurement and disabilities, including ongoing neuropathic pain and foot drop.

Suit was brought against a local hospital on behalf of the minor plaintiff and her parents.


The minor plaintiff has suffered and will continue to suffer severe physical pain, permanent disfigurement, disability and limitations on function. She has incurred and will continue to incur extraordinary medical, therapy and other expenses, as well as other out of pocket costs.

She had an extended course of physical therapy and has been diagnosed with total right foot drop with no sensation in her right foot, with no movement from her ankle down, and with ongoing neuropathic pain. Because of her foot drop and her inability to feel her foot, the minor plaintiff has broken two toes, each requiring additional medical treatment or casting, and she is at risk for more fractures in the future. She has already required one procedure to lengthen and reposition the tendons of her right foot and will require a tendon transfer procedure in the future. She has no muscles in her right lower leg and has suffered permanent grotesque scarring from the fasciotomy procedures. The minor plaintiff is expected to develop more problems with ambulation as she grows and may ultimately require a below the knee amputation.

Specials (if any):

Medical Expenses:                              $          341,285.88

Estimated Future Life Care Needs                 $     1,742,850.00 

Total Economic Losses:                                 $     2,084,135.88


Settled after suit but prior to trial for a confidential amount. 

Plaintiff=s Experts (if any): Confidential

Defense Experts (if any): Confidential

Plaintiff=s Counsel (please include name and firm):

Kevin F. Dugan, Esquire

Eva H. Bleich, Esquire

Holly B. Haines, Esquire

Abramson, Brown & Dugan

1819 Elm Street

Manchester, NH 03104

Defense Counsel (please include name and firm): Anonymous

Insurance Carrier (if relevant): Anonymous

Date of Injury: 2009

Date of Verdict or Settlement: 2012