Abramson, Brown, & Dugan Lawyers Publish Article on Drug Diversion in NH Bar Journal

The most recent edition of the NH Bar Journal features an article I co-authored with Attorneys Jared Green and Lindsey Gray of this office. The article was written after our experiences representing victims of the Hepatitis C outbreak at Exeter Hospital. Rather than focus on the terrible mistakes that had happened, we focused on one particular issue in order to prevent future events. This article explores the policy considerations surrounding random drug testing of healthcareworkers, looking specifically at the Exeter Hospital Hepatitis C outbreak as a case example, and suggests that the “culture of silence” amongst healthcare workers contributes significantly to the high rates of drug diversion in healthcare facilities. Therefore, any successful drug diversion policy must limit both the facilities’ reliance on staff members to identify addicted HCWs and the amount of discretion accorded staff members in responding to incidences of drug diversion.
We have to act proactively in order to prevent another tragedy. We can’t rely on the healthcare industry to do it themselves.