Alex Rodriguez May Sue Doctor for Medical Malpractice

A-Rod, the NY Yankees beleaguered third baseman, is reportedly ready to filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against the team’s doctor Chris Ahmad for misdiagnosing his hip problem during last year’s baseball playoffs. According to one media report, “Rodriguez’s side will claim Ahmad knew of Rodriguez’s need for surgery as early as Oct. 29, but that Rodriguez wasn’t informed of his results. Rodriguez’s side will also say that Ahmad misdiagnosed the injury following the original MRI on Oct. 11. Rodriguez played in four more games following that MRI. He ended up going 3-for-25 with no RBI and 12 strikeouts in eight postseason games.” If this media report is accurate, Rodriguez may sue his doctor for failure to inform him of the results of his medical tests as well as allegedly misdiagnosing the injury to his hip. Rodriguez is currently appealing his suspension from Major League Baseball as a result of allegedly using performance enhancing drugs during his baseball career.