Brain Injury Malpractice Lawsuit Settled

A medical malpractice trial ended abruptly after three days of testimony with a confidential settlement. The medical malpractice trial set to enter its fourth day of testimony concerned brain injuries suffered by a young boy under the care of a home health nurse.
According to the lawsuit 2 year old Jonas Lopez suffered irreversible brain damage when his breathing tube became clogged with mucus. Jonas had been born premature and needed respiratory assistance to breath normally. The blocked breathing tube prevented oxygen from reaching his brain. Rather than replace the breathing tube, the nurse called 911 and Jonas was left unable to breathe for approximately ten minutes until paramedics arrived and restored his breathing. By that time, the toddler had suffered permanent brain damage that will leave him disabled and unable to care for himself for the rest of his life.
According to a local media report, the family sued the nurse, her employer and the healthcare company. The settlement was announced last Thursday morning after the jury had heard testimony from seven witnesses including medical experts and Jonas’ mother.