Doctor Talks About Lower Medical Malpractice Insurance Costs

The Huffington Post recently published an article authored by Dr. David Belk, board certified in internal medicine. Belk wrote about the how malpractice insurance premiums are actually decreasing across the United States. He also mentioned that the same holds true for hospitals who’ve paid malpractice claims. Yet, we keep reading doomsday stories about the lawyers causing the healthcare crisis in this country. Here’ what Dr. Belk writes about that myth: “For a long time we’ve been in the middle of a great national debate on controlling our crippling health care costs. The next time a hospital, an insurance company or a politician says we can’t control these costs because malpractice is so expensive, why don’t you ask them if maybe they’d like to show you the real numbers and start looking at the real problem. Because now you know: it ain’t the lawyers.”