ER Medical Malpractice

Emergency rooms of hospitals are hectic places where more medical errors may occur than in any other area of the hospital. Emergency rooms treat a wide variety of maladies ranging from colds, the flu, broken bones, to life-threatening medical conditions such as heart attacks and strokes. The first task in any ER is to properly and accurately triage patients so that those who require immediate medical attention receive care before those with less critical health issues. Many medical errors occur at this stage in the ER. Failures to diagnose, misdiagnoses and delayed diagnoses of severe illnesses are often the most common medical errors in the emergency room. In fact, these medical errors account for more than 50% of emergency room related medical malpractice claims.
If you or a loved one have to go to the emergency room, make sure another person is present that knows and is able to communicate a full and accurate medical history as well as an accurate description and chronology of events leading up to arrival in the emergency room. These simple tips can mean the difference between life and death.