Exeter Hospital Lab Allowed to Re-Open After Hepatitis C Outbreak

New Hampshire’s Public Health Department has allowed Exeter Hospital’s cardiac catheterization lab to re-open for emergency care while it continues to investigate a hepatitis C outbreak which originated from the Exeter Hospital lab itself.
The lab was closed May 25th after four patients who’d all been treated at the Exeter Hospital cardiac catheterization lab were diagnosed with the disease that destroys the liver.
According to the Boston Globe, “The hospital has asked 651 other people who’ve been treated at the lab since August to get tested. By Friday afternoon, about 400 of them had been screened or made appointments.”
If you or a loved one had any procedure involving the cardiac catheterization lab at Exeter Hospital since last August, please consult your doctor to ensure you have not contracted hepatitis C. In addition, please feel free to call our medical malpractice lawyers at Abramson, Brown, and Dugan. We will be happy to consult with you and discuss your legal options.