Finally-Some Information About the Hepatitis C Outbreak at Exeter Hospital

Yesterday’s news conference which I attended finally provided the public with some information about the hepatitis C outbreak at Exeter Hospital. We now know the following:
There are 20 confirmed cases of hepatitis C with more expected as more people receive test results
Health officials suspect the source of the hepatits C outbreak is a drug-abusing hospital employee
Testing will be expanded back to October 2010 so there may be even more people infected than previously thought
None of this is good news but it’s preferable to helplessly waiting in ignorance. As I told the media yesterday, Exeter Hospital has botched this tragedy. They’ve provided very little information and done nothing to help the thousands who are justifiably scared to death. I attended yesterday’s news conference to see for myself how health officials would deal with the growing fear in the community. As public officials, they have to be held accountable.ak at Exeter Hospital