Jury Awards $120 Million to Woman in Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

A woman who had been misdiagnosed and mistreated in four different New York hospitals has been awarded a $120,000,000 verdict by a jury of her peers. The medical malpractice verdict is believed to be the largest ever in NY state.
According to media reports the woman “suffered a seizure and was taken to the three separate sites for diagnosis and treatment. After management mess-ups and faulty medications, the New York City woman developed a rare skin disorder called Steven-Johnsons Syndrome and began to experience brain damage due to it. Soon after, Martin’s mother was forced to file a lawsuit against the three establishments, which eventually found itself in the state Supreme Court. ”
The four hospitals will share in varying degrees the liability for the tragedy. The $120 million payment will be split four ways: 50 percent tied to Jacobi Medical Center ($60 million), 40 percent goes to Kings County Medical Center ($30 million), 5 percent on Brookdale ($6 million) and 4 percent to Martin’s team of neurologists ($4.8 million).