Jury Returns $10.6 Million Verdict Against Hospital and Surgeon

A little more than a month after a Kentucky jury began hearing testimony concerning the January 2010 death of 39-year-old Pamela Dixon, it delivered a $10.6 million verdict against Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital and Dr. John Husted. According to news reports, “Dixon developed a fever and a tachycardic heart rate soon after her initial surgery on Dec. 17, 2009. By day two, Dixon reportedly told nurses she was in considerable pain, and tests on Dixon revealed abnormal activity. By Dec. 19, Dixon was moved to the ICU at LCRH, and according to nurses’ notes, Husted failed to respond immediately to what appeared to be signs of infection — a result of a gastric leak. Husted discovered the intra-abdominal gastric leak during a second exploratory surgery on Dec. 20, 2009. By Dec. 25, 2009, Dixon was placed on a breathing vent. By Jan. 4, 2010, her blood pressure was recorded at 196/93, in spite of blood pressure medications being used. Although Dixon still suffered from a fever and high blood pressure, Husted discharged her from LCRH on Jan. 8, 2010. Her intra-venous antibiotics were also discontinued, according to the plaintiffs’ memorandum.” She died five days later on January 13th. This medical malpractice jury verdict is not the only case pending against Dr. John Husted. Four similar lawsuits are pending in federal court, all of which involved Husted. A memorandum prepared by the plaintiff, noted that 28-31% of bariatric patients of Dr. Husted suffered a reportable complication.