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Case Title:                 Anonymous v. Anonymous                                          


County:                      Anonymous                                                                  


Date of Injury:          2002                                                          



Liability Facts:


This is a medical negligence claim arising out of the medical care and treatment of a happily married father of two teenage sons with a highly successful career. The plaintiff came under the care of a physician at a local medical center for treatment of a mood disorder in the year 2002.Due to the defendant’s failure to properly diagnose and treat his symptoms, the condition worsened over the course of a 15 month treatment period ultimately forcing resignation from his employment and resulting in destruction of his career.


At the time of the plaintiff’s treatment, the defendant doctor was a treating physician in the outpatient psychiatry department at a local medical center. The medical center represented to prospective patients, such as the plaintiff, that the defendant doctor was a psychiatrist when he was board certified in internal medicine and not board certified in psychiatry.


(1)Sex: Male     Age 51    


Plaintiff’s Theory of Liability:


The defendant doctor, failed to properly assess the plaintiff’s symptoms and diagnose his condition, failed to properly observe, monitor, and follow the plaintiff’s symptoms, failed to accurately diagnose and treat the plaintiff’s condition, failed to properly refer him for additional observation, care, and treatment, failed to consult with appropriate specialists, failed to admit him to the hospital for appropriate and indicated care and treatment, and otherwise failed to exercise due care.


Defendants’ Theory of Defense:


General denials of negligence and causation and assertions that all care provided fell within acceptable medical standards.




The plaintiff’s condition went undiagnosed and, therefore, untreated, causing him to suffer a profound and highly disruptive exacerbation of his condition, causing him to lose his job, suffer severe mental pain and anguish, loss of enjoyment of life, lost earnings and earning capacity, and causing him to incur medical expenses and other losses.



Special Damages:

Estimated Lost Wages:           $          449,800.00






The parties settled after suit but prior to trial for a confidential amount.



For the Plaintiff:         Mark A. Abramson, Esquire

Abramson, Brown & Dugan, P.A.

1819 Elm Street

Manchester, New Hampshire