NH Medical Malpractice Cases

As a New Hampshire medical malpractice lawyer, I’ve been helping victims of medical errors and malpractice for the past 35 years. I’ve handled all types of cases involving failures to diagnose cancers, heart attack, and strokes. My cases have also included birth injuries caused by healthcare professionals. In each of these cases, I’ve had to establish and prove duty, breach, causation and damages. If any of these elements isn’t proven, I lose. Medical malpractice cases are difficult because the entire burden of proof rests on the victim. This means that my law firm only takes meritorious cases. The notion that medical malpractice lawyers accept and win so-called “frivolous” lawsuits is simply not true. Medical malpractice cases are expensive and time consuming. My firm has a good reputation because we are selective in the cases we accept and the diligence with which we treat each and every case we handle.