Name of Case/County:        Anonymous v. Anonymous

                                                                                                                        Anonymous County                                    



This is a medical negligence claim against a local health clinic, arising out of the medical care and treatment provided to a 36-year-old plaintiff during her pregnancy, labor and delivery, by the defendant, a local clinic. In April of 2005, the female plaintiff and her unborn child, came under the care of the defendant clinic, for the management of her pregnancy, management of her labor and delivery, and for monitoring for signs and symptoms of infection. The defendants’ failed to recognize the extent and degree of risk present to the female plaintiff and her unborn child after she was identified as Group B Streptococcus positive for streptococcus agalactiae. The defendant failed to provide appropriate prophylactic antibiotics to treat the condition despite the fact that the condition was known and sensitivities showed it to be resistant to Clindamycin and Erythromycin. The defendants’ failed to diagnose, treat and manage the plaintiffs’ condition, failed to timely prescribe necessary and appropriate medications and instead administered the incorrect medications. They failed to admit her to the hospital for additional appropriate care and treatment and otherwise failed to ensure the safety of the plaintiffs and exercise due care. As a result, the female plaintiff suffered continued cellulitis, infection, and scarring. The minor plaintiff suffered respiratory distress, GBSsepsis, pneumonia, and coagulopathy.

Injuries/Specials (if any): The female plaintiff has suffered, and will continue to suffer, from extreme physical pain, mental pain and anguish, and a loss of enjoyment of life. She has incurred substantial medical and hospital expenses and other extraordinary expenses. The minor plaintiff has suffered substantial injuries including physical developmental delays, gastrointestinal issues, early staring spells and benign myoclonic seizures.

Verdict/Settlement: The parties reached a settlement for a confidential amount before suit was filed.

Plaintiff’s Counsel (please include name and firm):

Mark A. Abramson, Esquire

Holly B. Haines, Esquire

Abramson, Brown & Dugan

1819 Elm Street

Manchester, NH 03104