In the Spring of 2005, the plaintiff’s decedent, a 64 year old woman, presented to a local emergency department and came under the care of the defendant physician. At the time of the presentation, the decedent plaintiff had a fever, a dramatically high white blood cell count, and leukocytes in her urine. The defendant physician failed to provide medical care in accordance with accepted standards of reasonable professional practice, including failing to properly assess and diagnose the decedent plaintiff’s condition, failing to order necessary and appropriate diagnostic tests, failing to admit the decedent to the hospital for evaluation and treatment, failing to order appropriate medications, and otherwise failing to ensure the safety of the decedent plaintiff. Despite her presenting symptoms and the resulting lab work, the decedent was discharged home with a presumptive diagnosis of bronchitis and a prescription for Zithromax. The decedent’s infection went undiagnosed and was allowed to worsen. Later that evening, the decedent returned to the hospital as a direct admission by her family physician.  Her condition had deteriorated to the point where she had to be transported to another hospital. After arriving to the second facility, she was found to be in septic shock with Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome. The decedent remained hospitalized for two weeks before passing away.

Suit was initiated against the defendant physician, the defendant hospital, and the emergency physician group that employed the defendant physician.

Defense: Counsel for the defendant’s made general denials of negligence and assertions that all care provided fell within acceptable medical standards.

Injuries/Specials (if any):   The decedent suffered extreme physical pain and emotional

distress and loss of enjoyment of life and her estate incurred medical and funeral expenses and lost earnings.

Medical Expenses:                  $         184,014.92

Estimated Economic Loss:      $           96,600.00

Total Special Damages:           $         280,614.92


Verdict/Settlement: The parties reached a settlement for a confidential amount after suit was filed but before trial.


Plaintiff’s Counsel (please include name and firm):


Kevin F. Dugan, Esquire

Jared R. Green, Esquire


Abramson, Brown & Dugan

1819 Elm Street

Manchester, NH 03104


Name of Case/County:        Anonymous v. Anonymous

                                                                                                                       Anonymous County