Widow Files Medical Malpractice Lawsuit After Doctor Declares Husband Deceased Prematurely

A Buffalo area woman has sued two local hospitals after her husband was prematurely declared dead by a doctor in the emergency room.

Tammy Cleveland says her husband, Michael, was still alive when an emergency room doctor declared him dead last year.
Tammy says if the medical staff had listened to her, her husband might have survived.

Michael Cleveland, 46, was at the grocery store last October when he had an apparent heart attack. He was taken to DeGraff Memorial Hospital where Dr. Gregory Perry pronounced him dead minutes after his arrival. Michael’s wife, Tammy, was told of his passing when she got to the hospital.

After being transferred to Buffalo General Medical Center early the next morning, Michael Cleveland was pronounced dead a second time. Cleveland’s attorney says Michael suffered from a collapsed lung likely from a bystander’s CPR efforts, and despite a stent being placed in his blocked artery at Buffalo General, too much time had passed without medical care.

If the allegations are proven true, the negligence in this case is truly unbelievable.