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Plaintiff’s Attorney:  Kenneth C. Brown, Esq. and Jared R. Green, Esq.


Case Title:    John and Annette Mahoney v. Phyllis and Leslie  Mayhew


County:    Carroll     Date of Injury: April 21, 2005


Liability Facts:  John Mahoney was hit from behind while walking near his home by a car driven by Phyllis Mayhew, an 81 year old woman in failing health who had just returned from the eye doctor and was not wearing her driving glasses.


Plaintiff:  Sex:M    Age at time of injury:38


Occupation: Supervisor at a group home for emotionally disturbed/abused teenage boys.


Plaintiff’s Theory of Liability: The morning of the accident, Mrs. Mayhew had surgery for a torn retina.  She was told not to drive and she was not wearing her glasses.  Mrs. Mayhew was charged with negligent driving.  A claim was also brought against Mr. Mayhew as he knew or should have known that his wife should not have been driving.


Defendant’s Theory of Defense:    Comparative negligence.  Plaintiff was walking on the right side of the road.


Injuries:  (Diagnosis/Prognosis/Permanency) Mr. Mahoney received various injuries including a fracture of the left radius and ulna requiring four surgeries; lacerations to his upper lip requiring thirteen stitches; a concussion; a badly bruised tailbone and left elbow; bruised ribs; and abrasions to his face, hands, and arms.


VERDICT/SETTLEMENT: The case was mediated after suit was initiated.  The case settled for $325,000.00.



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